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5 Exciting Places Coming To Durham, NH- Get ready.

Kirsten McDonald in Lifestyle on Feb 1, 2016

If you either reside in Durham or are a student at the University of New Hampshire you have definitely noticed the new buildings and additions around campus. If we didn’t already think UNH is pretty enough, oh, just wait until you see what’s coming.

1. The Juicery


2. Hamel Recreation Expansion


Who is getting tired of waiting for a machine to open in the gym? Thankfully, there will no longer be a wait once the gym renovation is complete. It’s about time right? The total budget for the project is 35.5 million dollars and will be completed by January 2017. There will be increased space for working out and will also include a large activity court! Waiting 10 minutes for the stair master will no longer be an issue. The link above will allow you to see all of the plans and progress for this huge addition to our already wonderful campus.

3. Outdoor Pool Project


There will be no need to go to the beach after this new outdoor campus pool is installed! The new place to hangout on campus in the upcoming years which will only add to the fun things on campus. There has been so much hype about how exciting it will be to no longer have to sit by your dorm room fan in attempt to escape the heat. The pool will be located by Edgewood Road and the estimated time of opening is August 2016—perfect timing for a back to school swim! If this doesn’t convince students to go to UNH, I don’t know what will!

4. Lexie’s Joint


You would not be human unless you’ve had a burger from Lexie’s. You can get a mouth watering crazy combination of fries for an affordable college-student price. Lexie’s will be moving into downtown durham in the upcoming months. Lexie’s Joint is currently located in Portsmouth, NH, Newburyport, MA and Newington, NH. The best burger joint will be heading to campus so you better save up that money and get prepared to have the best meal of your life. Just a look at the menu will have you craving Lexie’s in a hot second.

5. The Soupery


This small, but savory restaurant could not have chose a better place to locate their restaurant. What better place for a warm soup company to reside than a cold snowy town. The Soupery has a variety of soups that are offered daily. If you are feeling like getting really cozy than you can pair any soup with a fresh grilled cheese. All of the soups are gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian. This is a place that you can not go without. Get ready to get your soup on Durham.




Source: 5 Exciting Places Coming To Durham NH

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