11 Things You Really Have To Do In New Hampshire This Summer
April 20, 2016
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8 Gorgeous Beaches in New Hampshire That You Have to Check Out This Summer

April 05, 2016 by


New Hampshire has a short coastline – 13 miles to be exact – but that doesn’t mean that our state is lacking in beautiful beaches. Those precious miles of coastlines are filled with beautiful beaches, and we have more sandy, waterside paradises scattered throughout the state along our lakes. Here are 8 of the best, most beautiful beaches in New Hampshire.

1. Wallis Sands State Beach, Rye


This 700-foot stretch of sandy beach is a popular spot. A bit quieter than Hampton, this beach still has all the necessities, including beautiful ocean views looking out toward the Isle of Shoals, a bathhouse for changing, and a snack bar.

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