Durham NH

Being a college town, Durham, NH, is always buzzing with life. With such a close community, it’s simple to be able to walk down the street and see a friendly face. In Durham, there are different restaurants and sweet spots you should be sure to check out.

Lexie’s Joint: That’s right! Lexie’s Joint, everyone’s favorite place for milkshakes and burgers, has finally made it’s way to Durham! Perfect for a quick bite to eat, Lexie’s offers a wide variety of burgers, sandwiches, and milkshakes that everyone will love! Located on Jenkins Court, Lexie’s Joint just joined the Durham community, adding an additional location to their current Portsmouth and Newburyport.


Mei Wei: You can’t deny that Chinese food is the perfect addition to any day, along with a Scorpion Bowl or two. With a choice of Traditional Chinese, Chinese, or Japanese to choose from, (along with a full bar), choose to go for their lunch buffet or a nice sit down meal. Mei Wei is always offering different specials, so make sure to go check it out!

The Spot: Choose from smoothies, frozen yogurt, or Acai Bowls that is sure to ‘hit the spot’ every time you go. With being a brand new location located next to Lexie’s Joint on Jenkins Court, be one of the many people to find out that eating healthy never tasted so good!

Wildcat Fitness: If you’re looking for a small and comfortable location to go get your sweat on, Wildcat Fitness is perfect. Offering a full gym with classes, tanning, hydromassages, and a smoothie bar, it’s basically like working out in paradise. (Okay that’s a stretch, but the smoothies after a workout are a nice touch).

Durham House of Pizza: The best, and we mean the best, place to go grab a slice (or box) of pizza. Located in downtown Durham, D-Hop is a small family owned business that has been serving Durham and UNH for nearly 40 years. With any and all toppings that you could ever hope for, expect this place to be packed on the weekends.